In Videos: Mameshiba, the Cutest Little Trivia-Filled Bean Dog in the World


I thought this edamame popping keychain was cute, but it's got nothing on Mameshiba, a Japanese character of a bean that looks like a dog; "mame" means bean and "shiba" is a dog breed. The first time I watched this compilation of Mameshiba animations I flipped out, hardly able to contain the cuteness that is a fat, little green bean dog head popping out of an edamame pod. Even natto—fermented soybeans—look cute.

Your reaction might be different, especially if you can understand what the bean dogs are saying. Commenters at Cute Overload point out that each bean spurts out a random fact, or "mame-chishiki" (trivia, or bean knowledge), right before its supposed to be eaten. This video in particular is a remix of the real episodes, turning already useless facts into absurd non-facts. Watch the video and read the translation after the jump. (And if you're interested, there's a Mameshiba version of the edamame keychain, which you can currently pre-order.)

Mameshibu Remix


From Cute Overload:

Natto Episode

[Caption: Nattou-shiba] Bean: Good morning! Lady: What?! Bean: 200 million bacteria live (literally "come and go") in a kangaroo's pouch. [Singing: Once-a-day Bean Factoid.] [Text: Same as what bean and singing said.]

Edamame Episode

[Curtain: Bar (literally "alcohol")] Old Man: Huh? [Caption: Edamame-shiba] Edamame: Hey, did you know? Old Man: What is it?? Edamame: They say France’s dandelions are really stinky. Old Man: I’m done. (literally, "Thanks for the tasty meal," the traditional post-meal saying) [Singing: Once-a-day Bean Factoid.] [Text: Same as what edamame and singing said.]

Pea Episode

Boy: Time to eat! [Caption: Green pea-shiba.] Pea: Ta-da! Hey, did you know? They say a kangaroo’s pee-pee (literally "bed-wetting") is really stinky. Boy: Mom… [Singing: Once-a-day Bean Factoid.] [Text: Same as what pea and singing said.]

Watch the original episodes on Youtube Japan.