Making Spicy Sizzling Sisig, or 'Sizzling Pig's Face,' with Ossabaw Pig Parts


First it's pig parts, then it's sisig! Photographs from Burnt Lumpia.

How could you not want to read a blog post titled "Five Point Pork Exploding Heart Technique"? In this latest post from Marvin of Southern California-based food blog Burnt Lumpia, he unboxes a special package he received last week: a cooler filled with heritage breed Ossabaw pig parts, specifically belly, jowls, and ears. To celebrate the joyous bounty of pork, he will turn the parts into five delicious, pork-centric Filipino dishes to be enjoyed by his wife and him as the rest of us on the Internet simple stare and drool.

The first dish he makes is the porkalicious spicy sizzling sisig:

Sisig is a spicy and sourish Filipino dish usually comprised of pig ears, snout, and cheeks (and sometimes brain!) that have been boiled, grilled, and fried (yes, it's cooked thrice) with spicy chilies and then served on a hot sizzling platter. In other words, it's a platter of sizzling pig's face (and sometimes brain!).

Follow Marvin's recipe to make it at home. Stay tuned for his next four dishes for ideas on how to make the best use of a cooler full of pig parts.

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