In Videos: Alinea's Grant Achatz Makes Sous Vide Stuffing and Gelled Pumpkin Pie


At the Alinea Thanksgiving, there are two magic words: "plastic" and "bag." Earlier today, we showed you turkey, the Grant Achatz way. (aka, throw it into a plastic bag). Not much changes in the stuffing department. Achatz calls it his bag o' stuffing, in lieu of the more traditional cavity o' stuffing. Since he's such a pro, Achatz doesn't need tongs when placing bags into bubbling-hot water baths. He scoffs at tongs. He uses his bare hands.

For the pumpkin pie, Achatz gives the baggies a break to whip out the blowtorch. "This doesn't look like pumpkin pie. This looks like Alinea. With funny gels and stuff," noted Nick Kokonas, an Alinea business partner. Those gelatinous pumpkin-bourbon cubes get tempura-battered, fried, and pierced with a cinnamon stick that gets the blowtorch sizzle treatment. Part two of the Alinea Thanksgiving, after the jump.

Sous Vide Stuffing and Blowtorched Pumpkin Pie