Ethicurean Reviews New Documentary 'Food Fight,' Underwhelmed


The Ethicurean, a blog devoted to the organic and sustainable eating ethos, is predisposed to love a film like Food Fight (not to be confused with Foodfight!), where the premise rests on the same mantra. But get ready for a plot twist—they didn't love it.

Here’s where I bite the nice hands who fed me the DVD review copy. We three found ourselves squirming restlessly in our pews. Too many putative saints were being paraded past us on litters of glistening lettuces, and the familiar hymns sounded off key in their new arrangements.

Ethicurean founder Bonnie Powell watched a preview copy (screenings are just in Los Angeles currently) and while she found it beautiful visually, said it could have used "a little less food, and a little more fight." Media savvy icons like Alice Waters, chef Dan Barber, and activist Michael Pollan were very celebritized, whereas no-name farmers didn't get much love.