Snapshots from the UK: Earl Grey Sorbet


Photograph from speechlessson on Flickr

Recently at Bumpkin, I cringed to hear an American tourist ask the waiter for an iced tea. They may do tea well in England, but they sure don’t do it iced. But I found an even better replacement.

London's extravagant and wonderful Italian corner Locanda Locatelli does Earl Grey sorbet. I would have taken a picture as proof, only they don't allow cameras in the restaurant. The bitter bergamot of the tea was pierced with a sweetness requisite to all sorbets, and the cold assuaged my American cravings for tea leaves brewed on ice. It was delicate, unexpected, tricultural, and a bit downright impertinent. For me, it was love at first bite. From a hot Southern wrap-around porch to the patio of an Italian villa to my London table.

The English may not serve iced tea, but Earl Grey is very, very cool.