Does Your Grocery Store Have You Crying Tears of Joy?


Not the Wegmans in question, but probably just as awesome nonetheless.

In some ways, I can totally relate to this woman. Because, even though I've only been exposed to Wegmans a couple dozen times—and all very briefly—I love the place.

One of my sons said, “Mom, are you really crying about this?” My daughter buried her head. I knew that (1) I was a complete loser, (2) I will forever love everything that reminds me of my hometown, and (3) I will always have a thing for Wegmans. My fellow flat-A-accented upstate friends understood: Something we all grew up with had moved in next door and now was everyone’s.

Wegmans is a chain of grocery stores that started in Rochester, New York, and that now has locations in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. It's completely amazing—great prepared food, good produce, a gigantic selection of groceries, health and beauty supplies, organic stuff, and various and sundry.

We didn't have anything close to it in my hometown. But how 'bout you? Do you have a local grocery store that you've sworn undying loyalty to?