A Look at the Macaron Class at L'Atelier des Chefs in London


Photograph by Su-Lin on Flickr

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London-based food blogger and Serious Eats community member Su-Lin shares her experience at last weekend's L'Aterlier de Chefs' macaron class on her blog, Tamarind and Thyme.

Considering how prefect the macarons came out, it seems like a good class. She includes some macaron-making tips, such as banging the trays with the piped-out batter to get rid of the air bubbles and letting the batter dry out before putting the trays into the oven. I did neither of these things when I made my first batch of slightly malformed macarons, which explains a lot.

Learn how to make your own macarons with our macaron recipe. And if you don't know what this "macaron" thing is, it's never too late to start with our Introduction to French Macarons.

L'Atelier de Chefs

19 Wigmore Street, Westminster, London W1U, UK (map) 020 74996580