Sweet Deals and Steals: Where Can I Buy Halloween Candy in Bulk Online?


The New York Daily News encourages this trick for those of us who want to doll out treats come October 31: buy candy in bulk online. The newspaper offered 10 online venues that sell the sweetest things at the sweetest deals online, and I decided to pay each a visit to see if we can’t get a little more detail on what each has to offer—like cool candy finds, shipping costs, and site accessibility. Penny [candy] for my thoughts?

Note: I didn’t include anything that wasn’t individually wrapped without so indicating.

MetroCandy.com has a great selection of wrapped mini candies and Halloween themed treats. Favorites: Antique-looking wrapped caramel filled apples and peanut butter pumpkins ($16.18 and $15.60 for 40, respectively); Caramel Apples Pops (a heavily-discounted MUST...$5.51 for 48); mini bags of Haribo gummy bears ($8.64 for 72). Details: $50 minimum order; 10% off for new customers; within New York state, can only ship to businesses. Shipping: on a $50.00 order, $17.91.

TheOnlineCandyShop.com is great if you’re committed to one candy, and are willing to spend a bit more for a lot of it. Favorites: Mary Janes ($89.99 for 30 pounds); Tootsie Pops ($110.12 for 39 pounds); Tootsie Rolls Frooties Green Apple ($10.99 for 360). Shipping: on a $46.96 order, $11.09.

OrientalTrading.com has fabulous “scary” or “gross” candy to spook the neighborhood, and also offers snacks that are reviving rather than disappointing. Favorites: Fa-Boo!-Lous Nutty Candy Corn ($3.97 for 12 bags); Halloween Pretzel Packets ($5.97 for 48); Blood Bags ($4.47 per dozen); Road Kill Gummies ($7.49 for 26); Rock Candy ($8.99 per dozen). Details: The site is easy to navigate: click on the Halloween tab and then the Halloween Candy link. The candy is divided into categories like “Chocolate,” “Novelty,” and “Gross.” Shipping: on a $49 order, the shipping is free today (October 13), so look ahead for more shipping savings. Ordinarily $8.95.

CandyFavorites.com is a great place to visit for mini nostalgia candies for a retro Halloween. Favorites: Grapeheads ($8.00 for 24 boxes); Cowtails ($11.98 for 36); Penny Candy Americana Mix ($34.67 for 5 pounds); York Batty Peppermint Patties ($34.03 for 36). Details: it has great old-fashioned candies, but its site is a bit old-fashioned itself, and harder to navigate. Shipping: on a $49.70 order, from $9.95-$12.55, depending on candies.

Halloween!BlairCandy.com actually sells penny candies for nearly a penny! Favorites: Pop corn balls ($40 for 100); Halloween Pez ($15.50 for 12); a bag of snack-size candy bars, like Mint 3 Musketeers, Hershey’s, or Reeses ($3.50 per pound); Jawbreakers ($10.00 for 200); Bazooka ($11.00 for 300); Charms Sweet or Sweet and Sour Pops ($5.85 for 48). Details: follow the Halloween Candy link. Shipping: on a $51.00 order, $16.65.

SweetFactory.com puts Halloween favorites front and center on its site, but as most of the candy is sold unwrapped and in bulk, this site is better for house parties. Favorites: Giant Gummy Bears ($5.99 per 12-ounce bear). Shipping: free shipping over $75. On a $53.00 order, $11.36.

CandyXpress.com offers both candy and snacks for trick-or-treaters, and is the perfect place if you want to go the king-size, one-candy-per-person route. Favorites: Red Swedish Fish ($15.35 for 240); Oreos snack packs ($5.15 for 12); Ring Pops ($15.45 for 36); King Size Hershey’s Bars ($23 for 18). Details: follow the Halloween Candy and Snacks link. Shipping: on a $44.80 order, $15.98.

OldTimeCandy.com is, as its name suggests, a haven for all almost-lost-but-never-forgotten candies. Favorites: French Chew ($15.99 for 24); Mallo Cups ($17.99 for 24); Push Pops ($26.99 for 36). Details: the site offers a mini history lesson on your favorite candies. A large portion of the treats come in bulk, and not individually wrapped. However, if you have a particular old favorite candy, this is the perfect place to find it. Shipping: on a $45.98 order, $8.95.

CandyDay.com is the place to load up on cheap, convenience-store-style boxes of sweet but quotidian candies. Favorites: Twizzlers ($9.23 for 180); Airheads ($5.81 for 36); Hershey’s Minis ($13.99 for 120). Shipping: on a $48.40 order, $15.72.

CandyDirect.com is another place to search if you’re ready to commit to a larger quantity and the resulting higher price. Favorites: Nerds ($36.00 for 160 boxes); Reeses Peanut Butter Cups ($70.50 for 288). Details: click on Mini Bars in the Departments list. Shipping: on a $51.60 order, $16.28.

Now that you’ve undoubtedly spent a pretty penny on penny candies online, here are my thoughts: this year, most of us will spend too much money at the most convenient supermarket on tantalizing bags of lollipops or chocolates, or will end up at the Costcos of the country with 10 pound bags of mismatched candy bars. I would like the discount price of bulk, with the thoughtfulness of being able to choose my favorite candies, ones I, a kid in a grown-up body, want to share with the kids of today. Ordering online, wherever you do it, gives you the ability to be thoughtful—and cheap. What a treat!