Whaou! Chocolate Fast Food Crepes


Lately, I've been seeing crêpes all over the place. At first, I thought I was imagining some sort of French oasis in the culinary desert of my daily life, but no, they're real. They are gossamer thin, chocolate stuffed, individually wrapped, 144 calories, 89¢, and actually made in France. In short, they are perfect. I put mine in the toaster oven to crisp up on low—the chocolate in the center melts, and it is positively unbeatable. No, they are not the fresh buckwheat beauties you find in Breton, but they are the perfect snack for the flight over.

Let's hope the other flavors make their way over soon; Whaou! sells these crêpes in France in Chocolate, Cracky (crispies and chocolate), All Chocolate (chocolate crêpe stuffed with chocolate), Strawberry, Chocolate Banana, Chocolate Coconut, and Apple. They are available at Whole Foods here in the United States.