Blogwatch: We Are Never Full's Asparagus, Cremini, and Tomato Tart


Amy of We Are Never Full opines that she is not the biggest fan of Bon Appetit, but the magazine's version of this tart caught her eye—and her version caught ours. Amy's tart combines both puff pastry and pie crust, ricotta and petite Jurassic cheeses, as well as salami and a garden of vegetables for this "lighter than quiche" pastry:

Using various different veggies and ricotta over all eggs helped me convince myself that I was eating healthy. Even after a few helpings, I knew I was kidding myself.

Indulgence is encouraged with beach season behind us. And anyway, this is lighter than quiche. Serving it "à cheval" with a runny egg on top makes it ideal for a savory fall breakfast.