This Week in Recipes


Make You Say "Moo": Relive childhood with a mix of concord grape juice and vanilla ice cream, blended together for a sweet, tangy, and slightly sour purple cow.

Who Needs Bacon; You've Got Chewy Pork And Warm Apples: Bacon isn't the only pork to rave about. Curried pork with apples provides a healthy take on the other white meat, complete with sauteed apples and fragrant spices.

Sugary Hole-y Cake, Oozing with Chocolate: Bundt cake can be boring unless you make a classic Tunnel of Fudge, filled with melted chocolate and packed with walnuts.

Wine and Dine Like Mario and Gwyneth: Take a brief trip to Spain with a hearty rendition of Caldo Gallego, which brings together a filling combo of turnips, turnip greens, Spanish chorizo, white beans, and pancetta for a cold-fighting peasant soup.

Lonely White Florets Seeking Hungry Belly: Don't sit around the kitchen chomping on raw cauliflower. Roast it and mix with chicken for a crunchy, yet tender and creamy roasted cauliflower waldorf salad.