This Week in Recipes


Healthful Attempts at Creaminess: Shrimp scampi with pasta, tossed with butter, lemon, and white wine, takes the cake for a quick last-second meal when there's not much left in the kitchen.

Mellow, Salty, and Sweet: Tart goat cheese, fresh figs, and sweet caramelized onions are layered in slices of country bread for a contemplative and portable lunch.

Don't Miss the Red Meat: Eggplant, "the poor man's meat", and ground lamb shoulder are a great replacement for ground beef in these creamy lavash wraps.

Trick or Eat: What's black and orange and melted all over? A pumpernickel grilled cheddar with apple and mustard, providing a welcome crunch for this Halloween-themed sandwich.

Cookies for a Kid at Heart: Who needs boxed cookies when you can easily make your own crunchy vanilla wafers, ready to be mixed with vanilla pudding and bananas or dunked into cold milk.