This Week's Tasty 10

According to our handy site-metering utility, the top 10 most delicious items on Serious Eats this week were ...


1. A Guide to the Best Doughnuts in New York "It might be decades, or it might be never, before New York City is the home to a doughnut shrine like Leonard's in Honolulu, Glendora's Donut Man, or Seattle's Top Pot. But for a city not exactly known for showcasing the wonders of sweet fried dough, we're not doing too bad." [from Serious Eats: New York]

2. Ferran Adria: The New Foam Meets the Old Foam "Here's a question for all you serious eaters: Where do you take El Bulli's Ferran Adrià, the Spanish toque god, molecular gastronomy master, who closes his restaurant in Spain for half the year just to come up with new dishes and new gastronomic ideas, to eat in New York City? Where do I take the man who is generally considered to be the greatest, most influential and innovative chef in the world, for a late breakfast or brunch in Gotham? Not an easy question, is it?"

3. Mixed Review: Trader Joe's Pumpkin Bread vs. Homemade "Like most quick-bread mixes, the Trader Joe's Pumpkin Bread was a cinch to prepare. You just add eggs, oil, and water. After an hour in the oven, the loaf came out moist, spicy, and the color of molasses. Friends devoured it, though we all agreed the flavor was more reminiscent of gingerbread or generic spice cake than of pumpkin." [from Recipes]

4. Mob Eats World Record Sandwich Before It Can Be Measured "Iran failed on Friday to register the sandwich as the world's largest sandwich in the Guinness book of World Records after people rushed forward and began eating it—before it was measured."

5. Served: Every Night Waiting Tables "How do the cheeses work?" a man asks me. He is with a woman, his arm slung around her chair, his feet kicked out so as to take up maximum space. ¶ "Well," I start, "as you can see, our list is long and eclectic…" ¶ "Like my schlong!" he interjects. ¶ I continue, "…you are welcome to let the fromager put together a flight for you." ¶ "Like my schlong! I said! Like my schlong!" ¶ I give him the sternest look I can muster. "I heard you. I was, and still am, going to pretend you didn't say that." ¶ The poor woman looked horrified.

6. Pizza With a Knife & Fork? "Since I have pizza on the brain right now, I have yet another query. I eat my pizza with a knife and fork. Up to the crust that is. Then I am done. What do you Serious Eaters feel is the proper way to eat a slice of pizza? Is it okay to use a knife and fork? Or do I need to change my ways?" [from Talk]

7. Too Many Veggies from the CSA? "If you belong to a CSA, do you find it challenging to put all your produce to good use? What do you do with your unused fruits and veggies?" Lots of great suggestions from the SE community. Get some ideas or add yours to the discussion.

8. An Apple a Week: Calvados Caramel Apples with Salted Walnuts "When figuring out how to "caramel" my apples from apple-picking, I knew I didn't want the sugar sheet wrap-on caramel, and I didn't feel like starting from scratch with sugar and corn syrup." [from Recipes]

9. Halloween Wines for Grown-Up Trick-or-Treating "When it comes to Halloween wine, of course it's as important as ever that the wine is good value and tastes great. That's the treats part of trick-or-treat. But how about the wine's costume? For me, the trick to Halloween wine is to find one that is not only affordable and tasty—it has to have a label that's perfect for the Witching Hour, too."

10. Gross Out Food Moment "I'm not just talking about food that we dislike or try to avoid, I'm talking about a food experience that still lingers in your brain and makes you dry heave. I have a couple ..." [from Talk]