Mother's Cookies Goes Bankrupt; Hipster Shirt Memorializes the Animal Cookies


"You don't love us anymore?" the circus animals wonder. Photograph from Food Librarian

Mother’s Cookies (responsible for the frosted animal cookies covered in rainbow sprinkles) won't be around for future children. The company, founded in 1914 in Oakland, California, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last week, which inspired a halt on all cookie production.

20081014-hipster-cookie-shirt.jpgCould this be one of the worst ramifications of the economic meltdown yet? The private equity firm that owned Mother's didn't even give employees the federally required 60-day notice, due to "unforeseeable business circumstances."

As someone raised on the West Coast, I opened my brown bag to find these often. Non–West Coasters may not understand the joy of little pink and white blobs (supposedly rhinos and camels), but this is bad. Very bad. I really didn't want to raise my children in a world without Circus Animal cookies.

Artsy T-shirt creators are equally upset and created this "Goodbye, Mothers" T-shirt, available for $25 from ClothMoth, which says: "Lights down, little cookies."