In Videos: Getting Famous People Hooked Up at Cheesy Chains


Can Mario Lopez get a prime reservation at Sbarro? Sbarro, as in, the pizza chain in most airports and train stations. Maybe his Saved by the Bell fame will score him some extra cheese. Lopez's "assistant," who also poses as assistants to James Gandolfini, Martha Stewart, and George Clooney, tries to get his supposed "bosses" the star treatment at Sbarro-level chains (like Planet Hollywood and Olive Garden).

The social experiment recalls a similar-minded, and brilliant, series in the late magazine Jane. A writer would phone up cheesy chains pretending to be dead celebrities looking for dining perks.

RIP Jane. We watch this, and remember your pages, always. The video, after the jump.

Can Celebrities Get the Hook-Ups at Cheesy Chains?

[via Yahoo video]