Gigantic Candy Corn For Sale on Craigslist, $3800


Want to keep up with the Joneses in the candy corn driveway decor department? This trio is so great, so surreal, and for some reason looks like they're posing for a family portrait. Found on a Minneapolis Craigslist ad:

These "one of a kind" holiday decorations will set your house apart in your neighborhood! They just make people smile, in fact often people have left notes at the door saying how cool they are.

3 pieces of candy corn make up the display: one 8 feet tall, another 6 feet tall and another 3 feet tall. Tradition candy corn colors of orange, yellow and white. They are of a very high quality, solid construction. They were designed and created by the artisan at "Tivola Too," the same folks responsible for the Snoopys in St. Paul and new design of the Nickelodeon Universe amusement park at the Mall of America. If you want to make a statement these are for you.

Email me for photos.

After the jump, me standing in front of them (thanks to some cropping tools) to convey actual size.


If I work really hard and earn $3800, maybe this can be my driveway.


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