Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 36: Holidays Are Tough, and My Forgotten Burger

20080306-scale.jpgAs most serious eaters know, holidays are full of temptation for those of us trying to lose weight. I went to two Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) dinners this week, and they could have been my undoing. But in both cases, I had a plan going in that just might have worked.

I tried to fill myself up with freshly picked farmers' market apples and bananas (from farms far away from New York) before I arrived at the dinners, and I think I might have succeeded. In a week that could have been disastrous weight-wise, the apples and bananas could have saved me.

Something else might have helped as well, namely, since it was forgotten. Let me explain.

Yesterday serious eater Gordon Mark, our fine Chinatown reporter, came back from New York's Shake Shack one shackburger short, and I volunteered to be the odd cheeseburger eater out. The serious eaters were shocked, but I realized I would not only survive such indignity, but I might actually benefit from it. I had already eaten a slice of fine bread, some terrific cheddar cheese, and one of those freshly picked apples for lunch, so it's not as if I hadn't already eaten plenty.

As I prepare to get this week's verdict from Mr. Scale, I'm thinking that should I be so fortunate to lose some weight (or stay even, given the holidays) this week, I have to thank Gordon Mark.

The Weigh-in

246. I managed to stay even, thanks to my new best friends the Apples, the Bananas, and Gordon. You can forget me any time, Gordon.