Bacon Corn Dog Ice Cream Is the Greatest


Ice cream made with bacon fat and mixed with chopped bacon sounds pretty awesome, but you know how it could be even better? By adding mini corn dogs!

Bacon corn dog ice cream is the brainchild of James Boo of The Eaten Path. With the help of two friends, this flavor—"the greatest ice cream I have ever tasted," according to James—became a reality. After reading his description, I'd have to agree with him:

... [W]hile the taste of bacon emerged as a subtle undercurrent, the richness of the mixture was downright devilry. Sensations of maple, meat, and brown sugar streamed from the spoon in deceptively smooth ribbons of flavor, each more consummate than the last. The fresh bacon bits completed the picture perfectly, providing a savory punch and a scatter shot of focus for the bacon fat in the ice cream.

And that's just the bacon. He compares the texture of the homemade corn dogs to the fried shell of tempura ice cream. That's a good thing.

One of James's friends got sick from eating the ice cream, but it sounds like it's worth the pain. If only I could eat it to find out.

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