Review of Canned Bacon Says It's 'Stomach-Revoltingly Awful'


Why does canned bacon exist? So The Onion's A.V. Club can taste it and tell you how terrible it is. In their review of Yoder's Canned Bacon, available at ($109.95 for 12 cans), watch them unleash the nine ounces of beastly, greasy, slime pork-based horror out of the can. It tastes about as good as it looks:

Yes, it tastes kind of like bacon, the same way Purina Beggin' Strips might taste kind of like bacon. (Not that we'd know… really!) The essence of bacon was there, thanks to a healthy injection of "smoke flavor," but the texture was completely off—stringy and mealy and not at all meat-like.

In a taste test against Oscar Meyer Ready To Eat bacon, the latter is the clear winner. Read all the commentary at and pray you're never forced to eat canned bacon.

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