This Week in Recipes


Skillet-Browned Mexican Tortillas: Forget the quesadillas stuffed with beans and cheese. This take features mushrooms, Oaxaca cheese, and Poblanos, as well as handmade tortillas.

Almost Meatless, Always Delicious: Instead of using olive oil, these oven roasted potatoes are tossed with bacon grease, creating an addictive side dish.

Creamy Italian Comfort Food: Pasta water is one element leading to creaminess in Blake Royer's dinner of pasta with fried zucchini and egg yolks.

Crumbly and Buttery: Lucy Baker recreates shortbread filled with honey and lavender from Milk & Cookies Bakery for Rosh Hashanah.

Sweets for the Morning After: Whether for breakfast or dessert, Amanda Clarke's strawberry cream cheese coffee cake, inspired by Nick Malgieri, is unbelievably moist and rich.