This Week in Recipes


A Healthy Alternative to Bacon & Pancakes: Lucy Baker modifies a chocolate chip cornbread recipe to be nutritious enough for breakfast, yet still moist, rich, and sweet.

Mother Nature's MSG: It's easy enough to buy miso soup packets at the supermarket, Trevor Corson makes his own old-school version.

Me Wanta Frittata: Filled with potatoes, mint, red onion, and (our favorite ingredient) bacon, this frittata will disappear from the kitchen table in no time.

Let Them Eat Olive Oil Cake: Instead of relying on butter, this lemon cake uses high-quality olive oil and whole milk yogurt to deliver a moist, tangy, and rich treat.

An Uncommon Dessert at No. 7: Amanda Clarke introduces us to a unique apple tart featuring rose petal jam and frothy goat cheese mousse with a spicy cider reduction.