Sugar-Free Pumpkin Peeps, Not Worth the $2


As a Peeps hater, I don't approve of special edition Peeps, let alone the traditional Easter ones. But this has gone too far: Sugar-free Pumpkin Peeps, made with Splenda.


Trying to create a "sugar-free" Peep is like attempting "vegetable-less" cabbage. Even if you're limited to a sugar-free diet, this is not worth it. Splenda may be 200 to 300 times sweeter than sugar, but this tastes like foam. A foamy mattress, to be exact.

20080919-peeps-warning.jpgTo make it worse, the set of three pumpkins was $1.99. Three orange, fat circles with nubs—bearing mattressy undertones—for two-bucks! And if you need one more reason to avoid this, the package says: EXCESSIVE CONSUMPTION MAY CAUSE STOMACH DISCOMFORT AND/OR A MILD LAXATIVE EFFECT.

Do these put you in the Halloween mood? In general, do you like that non-Easter Peeps exist?