The Science of Ice in Sodas

Deciding how much ice to put into your soda usually comes down to personal preference, some people like a lot and some none at all. Wired Magazine takes a more scientific approach to the issue, breaking down the cold, hard data. The Wired team went to their local cineplex and bought three Cokes with varying amounts of ice, here's what they found:

No Ice, Please Temperature- 40° F Volume of Liquid- 31 oz Cost per Degree of Chilling- N/A Total Cost for Cold- 0¢ Verdict- Not fridge-frosty, but at 40 degrees you can't call it tepid.

Easy On The Cubes Temperature- 36° F Volume of Liquid- 28 oz Cost per Degree of Chilling- 9.8¢ Total Cost for Cold- 39¢ Verdict- Sacrifice just 3 ounces of fizzy corn syrup for a nice, nippy temp. Sweet.

Ice, Ice, Baby! Temperature- 33° F Volume of Liquid- 20 oz Cost per Degree of Chilling- 20.3¢ Total Cost for Cold- 1.42¢ Verdict- Not worth it! Plus, sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia (brain freeze).

And the winner? Easy on the cubes.