Another Day, Another Meme: 100 Japanese Foods to Try

20080914-japanese.jpgYesterday I did the 100 Chinese Foods meme and mentioned that I'd check in today with the 100 Japanese Foods to Try meme. Here it is.

This one was started by Maki Itoh on her blog Just Hungry. The idea, again, is to copy and paste the list into your own site, bolding the items you've tried.

The interesting thing about Maki's list is that it goes way beyond the Japanese foods we know and love in the West. Sushi, sashimi, and noodles barely make an appearance here. It's a real eye opener.

My list appears after the jump. It seems the other folks here at SE are burnt out on 100 foods memes. Maybe they'll chime in in the comments.

Unfortunately, Maki didn't help out with links to less-commonly known items, so I had to go through and look up a ton of terms to make sure I could bold things off. I've included the links here.

My other quibble with this list is its specificity. Isn't it enough that I've had freshly made mochi? Do I really have to have it with tofu flour, sugar, and natto? Does the umeboshi really have to be homemade? Can't I just check off the umeboshi I've had at restaurants? There are several items I was about to check off before reading that I had to have XYZ with it. But, I suppose that is the list-maker's prerogative. And maybe you really haven't had the version of such-and-such item until you've had it just so.

And so, without further ado ...

100 Japanese Foods to Try, Adam List

1. Properly washed and cooked, top quality new harvest white rice (shinmai)
2. Freshly made tofu, as hiyayakko or yudofu 3. Properly made misoshiru and osumashi
4. Properly made homemade nukazuke 5. Very fresh sanma (saury), sizzling hot from the grill, eaten with a drizzle of soy sauce and a mound of grated daikon radish 6. Homemade umeboshi
7. Freshly made, piping hot crispy tempura. I prefer vegetable tempura like shiso leaves, eggplant and sweet potato. 8. A whole grilled wild matsutake 9. Freshly made sobagaki with sobayu
10. Mentaiko from Fukuoka, or tarako [I have had tarako, if that counts. —AK]
11. Onigiri with the three classic fillings: umeboshi, okaka, shiozake
12. Assorted fresh-as-possible sashimi
13. Saba oshizushi
14. Mugicha
15. Kakifurai
16. Morinaga High-Chew candy, grape flavor 17. Karasumi
18. A pot of oden, preferably with homemade components especially ganmodoki, boiled eggs and daikon radish 19. Ika no shiokara
20. Calpis 21. Ankou nabe
22. Unadon 23. Komochi kombu or kazunoko 24. Yamakake, grated yamaimo with maguro (red tuna) cubes (or just with a raw egg) 25. Properly made gyokuro shincha
26. Milky candy 27. Wanko soba
28. Omuraisu with demi-glace sauce 29. Handmade katayaki senbei 30. Yohkan (yokan) from Toraya 31. Ishi yakiimo: sweet potatoes cooked in hot stones, available from street vendor carts
32. Natto
33. Fresh seaweed sunomono (can also have some tako in it)
34. Ikura or sujiko
35. Tonkatsu
36. Goma dofu
37. Chawan mushi or tamago dofu: the same dish either piping hot or ice cold
38. Freshly made mochi, with kinako and sugar, grated daikon and soy sauce or natto [I'm not sure if I've ever had mochi with each thing stipulated here, but I am getting tired of all the qualifiers here. I have had mochi freshly made by old Japanese ladies at Korakuen; I hope that's enough, thank you. —AK ] 39. Gindara no kasuzuke
40. Hoshigaki
41. Inarizushi 42. Chikuzen-ni
43. Surume 44. Yakinasu with grated ginger
45. Tamago kake gohan
46. Kabuki-age 47. Nikujaga 48. Spinach gomaae 49. Fuki no tou
50. Okonomiyaki
51. Yakitori
52. Ohagi
53. Japanese style curry, with rakkyo and fukujinzuke as condiments [My third favorite food! —AK] 54. Kenchinjiru
55. Yakult
56. Kakipea [I LOVE THESE THINGS! —AK]
57. Takoyaki 58. Sakura mochi
59. Buta no kakuni 60. Daigaku imo 61. Kappa Ebisen
62. Chicken tsukune 63. Hakusaizuke
64. Hayashi rice 65. Goya champuruu 66. Dorayaki
67. Ochazuke [Mmm. Love this stuff. Haven't had it in forever. Now have a new craving! —AK]
68. Sakuma Drops 69. Stewed kiriboshi daikon 70. Takenoko gohan (or in fall, kuri gohan)
71. Cream or potato korokke
72. Fresh yuba
73. Real ramen
74. Monaka
75. Ekiben of all kinds [I've only had 1 or 2; does that count? —AK]
76. Edamame
77. Chicken karaage 78. Kuzumochi
79. Mitarashi dango 80. Konnyaku no dengaku [Couldn't find a good source for this; I'm guessing "harvest konnyaku" —AK]
81. Yukimi Daifuku [Mochi ice cream —AK]
82. Sukiyaki 83. Nama yatsuhashi 84. Panfried hanpen 85. Nozawanazuke or Takanazuke 86. Kiritanpo
87. Amanatto 88. Narazuke
89. Aji no himono [Dried horse mackerel] 90. Baby Ramen
91. Kobucha
92. Kasutera 93. Tazukuri 94. Karintou 95. Sauce Yakisoba [I've had yakisoba, but I'm not sure if I've had "sauce yakisoba." I have no idea what that is. —AK]
96. Kamaboko [Yes, several times, usually in "real" ramen. —AK]
97. Oyako donburi
98. Atsuyaki tamago 99. Kuri kinton
100. Japanese potato salad [LOVE IT! —AK]