In Videos: Eat Your Vegetables Song in 'Making Fiends' Animation


Singing animated vegetables really complicate the issue of eating more vegetables. They're just soo cute. Especially the family of singing pea pods. In this animated series called Making Fiends, which started as a web show and will premiere this Saturday on Nickelodeon, Charlotte is sick of seeing her cafeteria's usual spread of beef jerky, clams, and grape punch. She needs more vegetables. While she gets her chorus of carrots, bananas, and broccoli promoting the message: "eat vegetables with every meal or your lips will start to peel," of course, she can't actually eat them. Adorability factor interferes.

Making Fiends is from the same creator of Muffin Films, the series of muffin shorts where anthropomorphized muffins do muffin dances and promote muffin awareness. No muffins in this film, but plenty of singing pea pods, after the jump.

Eat Your Vegetables Song in 'Making Fiends' Animation


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