Hydrox vs. Oreo vs. Newman O's vs. Joe Joe's

Now that Hydrox cookies are back on the shelves, the debate over how they stack up against their competitors has begun. Megan Reardon and Scott Andrew of Not Martha recently put them to a taste test against Oreos and Newman O's.

For Overall I liked Oreos while Scott preferred the less sweet Hydrox. I preferred the extra crunch that the Oreos had and found that the flavors were the most balanced. The Newman O's had the crunchiest cookie and I found it had the most pronounced cocoa flavor, but I thought the cookies tasted slightly off, something which came through most when we compared the creme fillings.

I haven't tried the Newman O's, though I am a fan of Newman's other products, so between Hydrox and Oreos, I choose Oreos. I think they have the most perfect sweet filling, and I personally like the way they turn to mush in milk, giving them an almost milkshake-like consistency. For the runner up, I second some commenters on Not Martha who recommended that Megan give the the Trader Joe's Joe-Joe's a try. I'm definitely a fan of these, and around the holidays I go crazy for the insanely delicious Candy Cane Joe-Joes.

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