Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 35: Eating Meat Sparingly Is Alright

20080306-scale.jpgI'm slowly realizing that meat can and should be enjoyed in small portions. Serious Eats contributor and Meat Lite co-author Joy Manning does have a point: small portions of meat can be an incredibly satisfying thing to eat.

Joy inspired me a couple of nights ago when I went to a steakhouse with a group of seven serious eaters. Like many people I usually order my own steak. Sometimes it's a ten-ounce steak, sometimes it's 12 ounces, and sometimes it's even a pound. I enjoy every single bite and then, of course, I realize I feel uncomfortably full. Lots of red meat will do that to anyone.

So this time I did something radical.

I took control of the ordering and ordered three steaks for the seven of us. One was a prime, dry-aged bone-in ribeye aged for an incredible 65 days. The other two were also rich, prime dry-aged steaks. I asked our extremely competent waitperson to slice the steaks and serve them to us. I got a plate of three quite small pieces of steak. The bone-in ribeye aged 65 days might have been the single best piece of beef I have tasted in my life. Miraculously, although there was a platter of steak slices left over I left my friends to fight over them. I ate a little salad, some Brussels sprouts, a few french fries, and a bite or two of dessert.

I hope that when I get on the scale I'm okay. C'mon, Mr. Scale. Reward my meat lite epiphany. I stayed even, at 246. I'll take it. Perhaps most importantly, I might have learned a little something about how to eat in the future. Stay tuned.