Pass the Moose-ghetti and Meatballs, Mom

20080918-moose-spaghetti.jpgJoe Dilley, owner and operator of Joe's Guide Service in Alaska, can't get enough Moose-ghetti. It's one of his favorite meals in the crock pot, he told NPR, sounding a bit bashful. Besides the Alaskan-Italian fusion dish, he was full of moose cooking tips.



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How do you prep the meat?

You let a little bit of white mold grow on it. The natural enzymes in the meat start breaking it down from being a tough chunk of muscle.

Yum, white mold. Almost as good as yesterday's image of a Bic razor shaving a furry moose snout, before it gets boiled in salt water and eventually tastes like beef tongue. Three weeks since the Republican veep nomination, journalists are finally churning out some pretty comprehensive moose-eating pieces.