Can 'Pushing Daisies' Increase Awareness of Pie With Cheese?


Photo from GirlieErin on Flickr

The second season of Pushing Daisies is back on ABC this Wednesday, and as a pie enthusiast, I believe this can only be good for the world. The show is about a guy with magical death-reversing powers, but more importantly, it's about pie. Ned is a pie-maker at "The Pie Hole," where, last season, he whipped up an apple pie with Gruyère baked into the crust to cheer up his girlfriend's cheese-loving spinster aunts. (He also laced anti-depressants into the batter, but that's another story).

The apple pie with cheese theory has roots in England, where it developed the nickname "Yorkshire pie." At first slightly gross-sounding, the concept grows on you. The marriage between fruit and cheese has always been a functional one, so how's a pie crust going to stop that?

Once I heard someone say, "an apple pie with cheese is like a kiss without a squeeze." Do you agree? Would the combo cheer you up, as it did for the spinster aunts? With apple season here, this question is especially timely.