High School Anthony Bourdain Sure Had a Lot of Hair


Check out the mop on Bourdain's head from his Dwight Englewood high school years. Almost a year ago on Michael Ruhlman's blog, Bourdain criticized the hairdos on the Next Iron Chef America:

Ruhlman's hair is the scariest and most offensive aspect of the show. It looks like it's taking over his head! Like it's going to crawl across the table and swallow up half of Alton's face! With Andrew Knowlton's luxurious tresses bookending Donatella's lustrously flowing locks, it looks like the cast of Jesus Christ Superstar up there.

Ruhlman serves up his revenge today, and Bourdain should talk! Though he seems to visit the salon pretty regularly now, looks like he could barely get a comb through that thick forest before.