Virulent Anti-Vegans Troll 'New York Times' City Blog Post

In a New York Times City Room blog post, "Ask About the Vegan Lifestyle in New York," commenters had a chance to ask Rynn Berry, the author of The Vegan Guide to New York City, about "shopping, eating and living a vegan lifestyle in New York." The moderators let a few nasty and silly comments slip through before retroactively deleting a few. For posterity, we archive some of the gems, from mean to sad to funny to just plain weird, after the jump:

"Can you explain why “ethical” vegans trumpet their “cruelty-free” diets, when the fact is that growing, storing, and transporting their food causes immense pain and suffering to many HUMANS!" — John

"Putting a child on veganism borders on child abuse." — [REDACTED]

"It’s just common sense: eating a vegan diet and remaining child-free are two extremely powerful ways an individual can save the environment." — Ruth

"I’m 23 years old and recently moved to NYC. Where do young vegans around my age hang out in the city?" — James

"I’m about to road trip for several days (relocating from TN to CT)and I’m very worried about eating on the road. I’m transistioning into vegetariansism and I don’t eat dairy products or french fries." — Melissa

Please explain to me how eating a ‘vegan lifestyle’ is not elitist. It is very expensive to eat an exclusive vegan diet and even the term ‘lifestyle’ denotes peoples being apart from... with the exception of Non-American born Buddhists, most veagans I have met are very arrogant regarding their food choices. — ny2ca2de

"Veganism is just another eating disorder - just another way for a mentally ill person to have absolute control over everything they eat." — [REDACTED]