This Weekend in 'New York Times' Food News


Makes no sense: While it receives a billion pounds of free food from international donors, Sudan is growing and selling vast quantities of its own crops to other countries, and investing billions of dollars to grow more. Meanwhile, millions of people in its war-torn region of Darfur barely have enough to eat.

Fancy-pants: A piece on gourmet ice.

McGee answers: Harold McGee answers readers' food questions, and the Diner's Journal blog is doling out answers, one by one, in separate blog posts, excessively filling my RSS reader. So many I won't link to them all, just the blog itself.

Drinking water: In California, Orange County Groundwater Replenishment System, costing $480 million to build, transforms sewage into drinking water.

More with less: Israel, facing population growth and a four-year drought, is practicing some innovative techniques in water efficiency to solve a water crisis.

Wood-fired: The Magazine visits the Big Sur Bakery and is impressed with the breakfast pizza.

Long Island wines: A piece on rosés from the East End.

Hotel delivery: A company called arranges food delivery to hotels from local restaurants.

Travel: Cape Cod, Denver, Kosice, Slovakia, Oklahoma City, and readers' picks for Montreal.