This Week in Recipes


Wet, Nutty Ice Cream Topping Goodness: Lucy Baker explores a delicious wet walnut sauce that can be modified with macadamias or pecans to suit any nut lover's taste buds.

Butterscotch Pudding From Scratch: Amanda Clarke doesn't feel like instant pudding powder or even the foil-topped Jell-O cup right now—she wants a creamy, delicate homemade butterscotch pudding.

Pico de Gallo Gets Fishy: Blake Royer fights his urge to eat pico de gallo and chips straight, using the fresh tomato salsa instead for a simple, crispy tilapia recipe: the perfect summer meal.

Post-Preggers Recipe Ideas to Freeze: If Robin Bellinger finds the time during her busy pre-mommy stage, she'd love to make Deborah Madison's lasagna with eggplant and chard recipe. And is welcome to any other freezer-friendly ideas readers have.

DIY Churrascaria: Very popular in Brazilian restaurants, the marinated meat can also be made with basic kitchen ingredients at home: a recipe for churrascaria-marinated steaks with chile-lime sauce.