Starbucks Testing Clover in Boston, Seattle, San Francisco

Starbucks is trying out its new Clover brewing system in Beantown. The Clover is the $11,000 coffee machine that uses vacuum-press technology and computerized brewing cycles custom-calibrated to bean type to make single-pour cups of joe. The machine is lauded by coffee geeks, who say it brings out subtle flavors that are masked by conventional brewing methods.

The Boston Globe says about 30 Starbucks locations in the Boston area will get the units for testing, debuting there September 9. It's of particular interest to the company to test in Boston, as the city is rival Dunkin' Donuts' home turf. Clovers debuted yesterday in Seattle and will also appear in San Francisco on an unspecified date.

But you don't have to wait till your Starbucks gets one. There a a number of independent coffee shops worldwide (but mostly in the U.S.) that have them. Find one near you and try it.

Have you tried a Clover-brewed cuppa joe? I've tried a few bean varieties at a coffee shop near my house. So far, I actually could taste hints of blueberry in an Ethiopian bean I had but found a couple of the other varieties I tried too bitter. (I'm sorry, I can't remember which ones at the moment.)

Also note: Clover-brewed cups are way more expensive than typical drip coffee. Some people find it worth it, others don't. I'm on the fence. It's a nice treat once in a while. Do you or would you shell out the bucks for it?