Pork Martini: Four Ways


Dried pork, ground pork, Italian sausage, and Spam: who will win?

"The pork Martini serves many needs on many levels!" exclaimed Josh Karpf in his introduction to his search for the perfect pork martini. Such an illustrious quest involved soaking sweet dried pork, pan-sautéed ground pork, boiled sweet Italian dinner sausage, and sautéed Spam in separate glasses of 100-proof Absolut vodka for up to two weeks. Not every pork product was equal—the results put the Italian sausage at the top ("the taste was crisp") and Spam at the way, way bottom ("It's pure salt [...] oily, slimy salt"). Pork and alcohol enthusiasts, you should try this at home. [via Cheap Ass Food]

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