'Next Food Network Star' Runner-Up Adam Gertler Gets His Own Show

20080804-nfns-adam.jpgThe Next Food Network Star runner-up Adam Gertler, the one who cracked jokes and goofballed his way into the top three, will host his own show on the Food Network called Will Work for Food premiering Tuesday, September 30. That means, he basically won the series too since the goal was to win your own television show. Gertler's half-hour program will investigate the world of lesser-known food jobs. According to the press release:

Whether he's protecting his fingers while feeding sharks, closely examining potato chips for flaws or trying his hand as a dog food taste tester, Adam will stop at nothing to learn how each job is done.

Adam is the former owner of The Smoked Joint, a Philadelphia barbecue spot he ran with his brother. But as Gertler mentioned in the final episodes, he had no job or girlfriend to go home to if he lost. Now he just needs the girlfriend part, apparently.

This also means Lisa Garza, a fellow runner-up, is the only contestant in the top three winner's circle that wasn't offered her own show. She had the couture aprons, former beauty queen resume, and could cook pretty well—what gives?