Marinated Feta Cheese in Late Summer

Serious Cheese

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With only a few more weeks left of summer foods, it's time to start preserving the bounty of the season before the cold dark months to come. One of the simplest and most delicious things you can do is marinate a good sheep or goat's milk feta in olive oil and fresh herbs, an ingenious combination that can last throughout the winter and beyond.

Taking inspiration from David Lebovitz, here's a simple guide to marinating feta:

Fill a Ball jar, or similar glass jar, with two-inch cubes of feta. Add some fresh herbs of your choosing: oregano, thyme, rosemary, bay leaves, mint, red chili flakes, and/or fresh pepper. You can really use your imagination here.

Once the cheese and herbs are in place, fill the jar with olive oil, covering the cheese completely. Since you'll be using a lot, don't go for the top shelf oil here; a nice-tasting mid-range oil should do just fine. Screw the cap on and leave in a cool area like your basement, or fridge if you live in a hot New York City apartment like me.

Feta marinated in olive oil can last for years and years, and just gets better with time. I once had a marinated feta that was over four years old. I've never tasted something so uniquely delicious, with the herbaceous olive oil penetrating every nook and cranny of the sour, savory feta. Serve it with salads, pasta, or roasted vegetables, or just by itself.