'Nightline' Reveals Supposed Secrets of 'Iron Chef America'

nightlineironchef.jpgSlated to air last Friday, but bumped because of a Qantas jet explosion that occurred the same day, Nightline ran their piece on Iron Chef America last night. The segment, described as a "behind the scenes" look that was supposed to "reveal secrets," actually revealed nothing we didn't already know: they use stand-ins before the Iron Chef is selected, the contestants know the secret ingredient ahead of time (it's one of three), and the Chairman isn't really the nephew of the original Japanese version's Chairman. He's just an actor.

When asked about the judges, Cat Cora said, "you have to grin and bear it. There are times when you want to put a choke hold on someone but, you know, you just stand there and take in their feedback and appreciation." There was also a brief chat with frequent judge and Bon Appetit restaurant editor Andrew Knowlton, who gets nervous during "battle quail or battle turkey and [sees] the ice cream machine flip on."

The best part of the segment came from Alton Brown, who explained what a total bloodfest last season was:

This season there's been a fair amount of blood. People have been cutting themselves, lopping off things... the chefs are more likely to injure themselves because sous chefs tend to handle knives better...[The chefs] become big on TV and they become sloppy with knife skills... It's like, 'Oops! I've cut the dickens out of myself.' ... You know, blood all over... Sous chefs are laughing."