In Videos: Fat Guy Nation's 12,000 Calorie Michael Phelps Challenge


As a testament to the great power of man's curiosity and stupidity, people keep trying to match Michael Phelps' nauseatingly high calorie intake despite that such a diet is unfit for average human beings.

But what if they're not average? What if they're a bunch of really fat guys? A bunch of really fat guys who don't just eat the Olympian-sized meal, but follow up the gorging with a race against a collegiate swim team member? You don't really have to watch the video to know who wins, but thanks to Fat Guy Nation, you can watch the horror unfold. From the first bite of chocolate sauce-drowned waffles to the final labored pushed to the edge of the swimming pool, you'll be thinking, "Why the hell am I watching this?"

On that note, watch the video after the jump.

Fat Guy Nation's 12,000 Calorie Michael Phelps Challenge



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