Viral Stride Gum Videos Featuring Matt Dancing Around the World


Why is Matt dancing around the world? Because gum company Stride is willing to pay for it.

Actually, Matt had already been dancing before Stride approached him with a sponsorship deal. Advertising Age features the unusual collaboration, explaining that Matt doesn't even have to wear Stride gear or chew gum in the videos—Stride just asked Matt where he wanted to go and paid his travel expenses. Since Matt started dancing for Stride, three years ago, he hasn't had to get a real job.

What's so interesting about a guy doing a "farmer's jig" in different locations (including one underwater and another in a US military airspace) around the world? It a lot more fun and inspiring to watch than you may think. The wide scope of his travels is amazing and his latest video is even better for including participation from locals in the cities he visits. Will the video make you want to chew gum? Probably not—but you may remember the Stride name better from now on. Watch Matt's latest video after the jump.

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008)

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