This Week in Recipes


Snazzy Summer Soup: Tom Kearney of Brooklyn's The Farm on Adderly wows Lucy Baker with chilled green pea soup with Maine crab salad. Tom shares his recipe with her &mdash and us.

Noodles That Hit the Spot: Robin Bellinger never sampled cold sesame noodles until she arrived in New York. Now a convert, she finds a winning recipe for this craveable dish.

This Is No Cous Cous: Fregola is a semolina flour pasta rolled by hand (or machine), with a hefty texture and a nutty flavor. Fregola with mushrooms, rosemary, and sage makes for a satisfying, flavorful dinner.

Don't Be Fooled: Edna Lewis' steamed chicken in casserole comes out with plenty of buttery juices and rich flavor.

Lest You Tire of Vanilla: Top your pies, crumbles, and tarts with à la mode alternatives like maple ice cream, lemon sherbet, and coconut sorbet.