Starbucks Breakfast Sandwiches: Now Less Smelly

20080731-starbucks-bfast-sandwich.jpgAnother change at Starbucks in light of recent underperformance? The reheated breakfast sandwiches—yeah, they're making them smell less. While the McMuffin lookalikes received poor marks on taste from us, customers still found them perfectly appetizing. It was the smell that irked them.

Meaty, eggy aromas were infiltrating the undertones of Kona Blend and Caffè Verona in the air. "While relatively popular, the smell interfered with the coffee aroma, and therefore the store experience," according to Ad Age. The article noted that products have been reformulated to eliminate this "smell" problem.

Back in January, CEO Howard Schultz said the breakfast sandwiches were on the way out, but we swear we've spotted them behind glass counters at multiple branches. A trip to a nearby Starbucks this morning confirmed our suspicions: plenty of sandwiches and a confused barista who hadn't heard of impending smell-related tweaks.