'Major League Eating: The Game' Released on Nintendo's Wii Ware

Major League Eating: The Game screenshots

Major League Eating: The Game Logo

Today, July 14, 2008, marks a momentous occasion in the history of virtual gluttony: the release of Major League Eating: The Game on Nintendo's Wii Ware service, a game which we've tracked extensively. The game is for one or two players, with the killer feature of online play and leaderboards. Requiring players to "master a smorgasbord of offensive and defensive weapons including bites, burps, belches, mustard gas, and jalapeƱo flames while cramming and chewing food at a world-class pace," the game is officially sanctioned by Major League Eating, the sporting league that oversees all professional competitive-eating events, including the Nathan's Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest. The game will "simulate the fast and furious action of a professional eating competition" and feature "the world's greatest gurgitory athletes."

Expect an extensive review here on Serious Eats.

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