How To Build a Cheap-Ass Grill for Under $10


FistFam's grill gets the job done.

"I wish I could grill these hot dogs, but I only have $10 in my 'Buy a Grill' fund! Can I fulfill my grilling dreams on such a pittance?"

Indeed, you can—let FistFam show you the way with their instructions for how to build a grill for under $10. But don't expect one of those fancy schmancy grills with, like, knobs, or a built-in cover, or something. $10 will get you some concrete bricks and a medium-sized flowerpot. Add your flammable material of choice, cooling racks, tongs, and meat, and you'll be on your way to budget-friendly grilling bliss. Just don't handle the flaming pot of briquettes with paper bags like FistFam did—paper can catch fire. And so can human skin. [via Grocery Eats]