Emeril Mixes it Up, Goes Green

Back in February, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia bought the Emeril brand for $50 million. Besides his famed television shows, Emeril boasts a website, twelve cookbooks, an extensive array of licensed kitchen tools, and food products from coffees to marinades.

Ad Age reports that Emeril is mixing it up these days. The man who helped create celebrity chefdom will premiere a cooking show, Emeril Green, on Discovery Communications' new Planet Green network on Monday.

In Ad Age's interview with Emeril, he attests that "with Emeril Live in particular, there's a lot of bantering about pork fat and butter and stuff, but really, truly, for over 30 years, I've been growing organic foods." He also weighs on relationship with Martha Stewart ("Martha and I have been friends with tremendous respect for each other for a long, long time"), and his discretion regarding endorsements ("I've had a lot of different [brands] all over the board come to me from fast food to, you name it, stomach medicine. That's not really what I'm really about.").

You won't catch Emeril hawking tummy meds anytime soon, but the man is amazingly omnipresent nonetheless. Emeril Live made its way to Fine Living this week, and other TV appearances include a Macy's commercial with Martha Stewart and a forthcoming campaign for Crest.