Eats for D.C. iPhone Line-Waiters

In anticipation of D.C.-area geeks going gaga over the new iPhone 3G by camping out before it comes out tomorrow at 8 a.m., our own Erin Zimmer gives her picks near the Arlington, Virginia, Apple Store.

Last year, there was talk of an Apple store opening in Georgetown but since that never happened and Washington, D.C. proper still doesn't have a store, a close alternative is in Arlington, Virginia.

El Pollo Rico: For juicy rotisserie chicken head to El Pollo Rico. The half chicken is a worthy investment—easy to nibble in line and worth a couple meals. The fries aren't anything special here but get a face-lift when dunked in the spicy green sauce. Disclaimer: El Pollo Rico only takes cash, and since chicken skin is so greasy, wipe those fingers before embracing your new toy. 932 North Kenmore Street, Arlington VA 22201 (map); 703-522-3220

Five Guys: To stock up on protein, go with the burger and shelled peanuts, always stocked in silver pails here. Not too far a walk, the place is cheap and open until 10 p.m. for the last supper before Friday's early rise. Toppings are as diverse as iPhone ring tones: barbecue sauce, pickles, fried onions, sautéed mushrooms, jalapeño peppers, and A-1 sauce. 2300 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington VA 22201 (map); 703-812-8440

Kabob Bazaar: Don't mind being the guy in line that smells like kabob? Lamb, fish or chicken on a stick is available (and tasty) here. If you're too lazy or scared of spot-stealing in line, they'll even deliver. Portions are huge, especially the pita, and the salad shirazi (cucumber, tomatoes, herbs) is important since the only produce you've probably eaten are apples. 3133 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington VA 22201 (map)

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