In Videos: Cookie Monster on 'The Colbert Report'

"Me have crazy times in '70s and '80s. Me like the Robert Downey Jr. of cookies." —Cookie Monster, on 'The Colbert Report'


Nation, last Thursday, Stephen Colbert got a surprise visit from the Cookie Monster on The Colbert Report, just as he was lamenting the fact that fruit had replaced cookies as American kids' after-school snack of choice. Downright un-American, he said. Last night, on Jon Stewart's Daily Show, the two fake newsmen had a little back-and-forth about Cookie Monster's appearance. Seems the blue dude trashed Colbert's green room after getting angry about his green-room request list. After the jump, videos of Cookie Monster's original appearance and the ridiculous terms of his rider, including triple-stuffed Oreos.

Cookie Monster Appears on 'The Colbert Report'

Cookie Monster's Rider


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