This Week in Recipes

20080624-dinnertonight-salad.jpgSpicy Satay: Southeast Asian pork satay can double as a fast weeknight meal and a classy dinner party appetizer.

Crab Cake Perfection: Robin Bellinger, disappointed by inferior restaurant crab cakes, discovers a recipe for sweetly crabby baked crab cakes.

America's Original Red Meat: Buffalo might be lower in fat than beef and contain less cholesterol than chicken breast, but it makes a great burger. Buffalo burgers with pepper jack cheese are juicy and flavorful.

Springy Green Salad: Blake Royer is not ready to give up spring produce just yet. He gets milage out of spring veggies with a fava bean, asparagus, and green bean salad dressed in a tangy vinaigrette.

Pink Confections with the Flavor of Sunshine: Lucy Baker spent a lifetime searching for a strawberry cupcake recipe that incorporates actual berries. Ponchatoula strawberry cupcakes fit the bill precisely.