Michael Laiskonis Feels Compelled to Give Laura Bush His 'Egg' Recipe


Photograph by vanillalattegirl

Michael Laiskonis, pastry chef at Le Bernardin, is back, blogging after a six-week hiatus (it feels much longer). He discusses the buzz around his elusive "Egg," a pastry dish composed of milk chocolate crème brûlée, caramel custard foam, sea salt, and caramel sauce served inside an egg—a dish not mentioned on the printed dessert menu and one reserved as a "special treat." Recently, after serving the "Egg" to First Lady Laura Bush and daughter Jenna, Laiskonis writes:

...I was a bit surprised when, upon leaving, the First Lady actually asked for the recipe. I guess, when the wife of the leader of the free world asks for the recipe of your signature dish, you fork it over (all personal politics aside). I initially thought it funny that my good friend and colleague Bill Yosses, now the White House pastry chef, might eventually find the recipe in his hands. Sure enough, according to Bill, at Mrs. Bush's request, he prepared my little "egg" at an Easter brunch at the White House.