Sneaky, Smaller Beer Pints Ripping You Off


Photograph from v1ctory_1s_m1ne on Flickr

With hops prices skyrocketing as fast as gasoline, a pint of beer can run you at least five dollars, and it might not even be a real pint. Some bars are sneakily shrinking glasses from the traditional pint size of 16 ounces to only 14 ounces. According to the Wall Street Journal, two of the world's largest glassware makers (Libbey and Cardinal International) both noted that "orders of smaller beer glasses have risen over the past year." To keep drinkers fooled, the glasses have a thicker bottom or shaft, or bartenders just devote the extra space to foamy head.

Over at Beer Advocate, a forum related to the article has emerged, and many consumers believe formal legislation should be passed to keep bars in check. Do we really need a beer police? Maybe so. One member passed along a link to the National Full Pints Petition, an effort in England to overturn a current law, which states that a pint only needs to be 90% full. Will the same happen here? It would be nice to have some consistency in pours, especially on an international level. Nobody wants to be less drunk for more money.

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